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Our studio specializes in personal training method EMS, which causes a rapid gain of muscle mass at the same time decrease the level of fat and cellulite reduction.

It also allows you to model the silhouette of the whole body, and all this is achievable during one 20-minute workout.
Revolutionary character of this method makes the effects are already being felt after the first training, and visible after 4-6 training sessions.

Exercisers Miha bodytec stimulates simultaneously up to 8 groups of muscle groups reaching deep muscle.

The effectiveness of EMS training with Miha bodytec - provides our personal trainer:

  • selects the exercises to the needs of people Training
  • sets the appropriate frequency Electroburst
  • constantly monitors the well-being practitioner and regularity of training.


On the German market Miha Bodytec operating since 2007 and is derived from Miha Maschinen GmbH - the company that develops and produces innovative products for sports and medical industry - for more than 40 years. The company is headquartered in Augsburg, Germany.

Miha Bodytec is the leader of EMS training. In Germany there are more than 6,500 machines.

The world's largest trade fair Fitness & Wellness FIBO 2016 showed immense popularity EMS training, where he first distinguished hall exclusively for this activity. Miha Bodytec presented the system at the largest stand (1000m2) among all exhibitors FIBO 2016.


What can be achieved through trainings EMS?

Body Fit 20 minutes combines personal training with EMS technology, providing muscles ultraintensywny effort, which brings a surprisingly good results in just 20 minutes. In the newly opened studio personal training Body Fit 20 minutes in Poznan, we offer innovative, highly effective and time-saving workouts with the use of technology EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) - developed in Germany by Miha bodytec.

is a revolutionary and effective method of muscle stimulation via secure electrical impulses, which imitate natural central nervous system, initiate muscles. In just 20 minutes your personal trainer will carry out EMS training that will provide your body with more than 150 times more than the muscle contractions during normal exercise. Only one 20-minute training session is equivalent to two hours spent in the gym. Depending on your fitness level and training goals can be either exceptionally mild (even performed in the supine position) or up to intense, with a strong contraction of the muscle during vigorous exercise. What had once been available only after years of hard training exercise at the gym, now located within reach of each of us! Even if you do not have time for regular workouts, expect amazing results. In addition to regular physical activity as an important aspect of regeneration after training. In our studio, you can use a professional lymphatic drainage, which very precisely will massage your legs, buttocks, lower back and abdomen, giving a feeling of relaxation.

EMS training is the perfect alternative for people who do not have time for tedious exercise in the gym. A series of effective training will make you quickly achieve noticeable results.

Weight loss - reduce fat
EMS training helps speed up metabolism. The body will change the way of using assimilating calories as not to form a fat. In addition, the pulse penetrating into the muscle during training intensively breaks down fatty tissue, enhancing the combustion process.

Get rid of cellulite - You can forget about it!
Pulses break subcutaneous fat tissue and stimulate the lymphatic system, responsible for cleansing the body of toxins and inhibiting the storage of fat cells.

The fight against back pain - Sedentary work can not calm your your back?
Try EMS-u! Sent to the muscle impulse causes them to spasm and then allows them to deeply relax, alleviating pains. Hence the widespread use of this type of training in rehabilitation.

BUILD muscle mass - Achieve your dream figure!
Thanks to modern technology, EMS and through trainings conducted under the supervision of qualified trainers, after a few sessions you observe visible changes in the appearance and general form of his body. With workouts EMS, already in a short time you will develop your dream figure.

EMS training in a short time, significantly increases strength and muscle performance, significantly improves overall performance and condition, accelerates the development of muscle building and evens muscle.

BE FIT ONLY 20 MINUTES - Save time!
Impulse stimulates all the major muscle groups at the same time, because training takes only 20 minutes!

Return to the form after pregnancy
The biggest nightmare after delivery is belly and other extra-curricular kilograms. With us you get rid of them forever in a much shorter time. EMS training lasts only 20 minutes. With electrostimulation not only firm your skin, but also strengthen the muscles. While training does not charge the joints, and most importantly the spine, which has enough undergone during pregnancy. EMS strengthens the deep muscles responsible for stabilization of the spine, which in turn will free you from back pain.

During the training, we do not use any weights, so stress on joints and tendons virtually nonexistent. It is a revolutionary method of training, especially for people with injuries or joint problems that can not build your muscle strength through traditional training methods. EMS eliminates any risk of injury or injuries.

Required training time id only 20 minutes about 90 minutes
The optimum frequency training a week 1-2 times a week 3-5 times a week
Visible results after 4-6 sessions after 15-20 sessions
The amount of calories to 500 calories during the training session to 400 calories during a workout
The loss of weight and body fat to 3 times as fast as standard Cellulite reduction is not so
Training skeletal muscle always only during certain exercises Deep muscle growth to 5 times faster standard None high risk of injury Increased strain on the joints negligible Speeding up metabolism so do not


Preparing for training 5 minutes
Guests arriving at the EMS training at Body Fit 20 minutes after the appointment of the meeting. After the initial interview, medical and elimination of all contraindications / restrictions go to one of our locker room to set up a specialized, cotton costume used during EMS training. Costume can be rented or purchased directly in our studio. During the test training outfit it is available for free. After the guise of a personal trainer goes to donning with integrated electrodes and the individual electrodes on the arms, legs and buttocks in such a way that strictly adhere to the whole body.

Training EMS- 20 minutes
Training begins with a brief introduction on the course exercises and adjusting the intensity of electrical impulses to the level of physical fitness, tolerance and preferences. Muscle contraction time is four seconds, followed by a 4 second time mode. Customers are beginning to familiarize themselves with the feelings of one or two contractions. EMS training programs consist of a sequence of static exercises - personal trainer presents the correct posture and movements in advance and monitors and corrects any errors client.

Shower and dress up
After the workout, you can use the shower and the rest of the equipment of our locker room - just enjoy the comfort which offers you our studio. After a short rest, we set another visit, which can only occur after the minimum recovery time of 2 days (to can in a smaller or larger extent, depend on the intensity and type of exercise).

You fall for a workout at lunchtime and leave refreshed and full of energy for the rest of the day.


Selected Studies

86.8% trainees noticed a positive effect on body shape

71.0% trainees showed significant improvement in strength

88.0% trainees noticed a reduction in back pain

75.5% trainees noticed feeling relaxed after the workout

Below is a selection of studies on whole body electrostimulation.

Whole body electromuscular stimulation (EMS training) for back ailments
Electromuscular stimulation (EMS) of the whole body musculature - An innovative method to relieve urinary incontinence
Electrical muscle stimulation as whole body training – Multicenter study on the use of full body EMS in fitness centers
MEDICAL SPORTS NETWORK 04/2007 Short and long-term training effects on strength-related diagnostic parameters from mechanical and electrical stimulation
The effect of whole body electrical stimulation on the resting metabolic rate , anthropometric and muscular parameters of older people. The Training and Electromyostimulation Trial (TEST)
Influence of adjuvant EMS training on body composition and cardiac risk factors in older men with metabolic syndrome
Electromyostimulation (EMS) in cardiac patients. Is EMS training becoming significant for secondary prevention?


EMS training allow for efficient regeneration as part of rehabilitation after injuries.
Rehabilitation done with us to preserve the strength, speed and endurance people who suffered because of injury are partially immobilized.
EMS training also allow you to get rid of back pain.


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